Cafe Purist | Episode 7 - The Benefits of Caware Café Purist Formulas
Release Date: 04 Mar 2022

The Benefits of Caware Café Purist Formulas

     In episode 6, we explained how easy it was to install and change Caware Café Purist Formulas’ water filter cartridges. In this last episode, we will recap how Caware technologies produce the most optimal water, which create the most delicious coffee.  


     In previous episodes, we mentioned that water makes up 98% of a coffee and therefore, is the most important element that goes into it. The Magnesium and Calcium in the water greatly affect the flavor and aroma of coffee. When the level of Calcium is too high, it produces a limescale buildup. This will quickly damage expensive coffee machines. However, Magnesium produces a fruitier coffee flavor and also aids extraction. Therefore, Caware Purist Technologies help maintain the perfect balance of Magnesium and Calcium.


     Caware Café Purist Technologies, Shots Formula and Crema Formula, follow SCAA’s (Specialty Coffee Association of America) water composition recommendations by maintaining more Magnesium than Calcium. This not only produces a more delicious coffee but also extend the user life of the coffee machine.


     Caware unique Shots Formula reduces hardness and alkalinity and subsequently softens the water and increases the user-life of the technology, which will prevent scaling on expensive espresso machine pipelines.


     Crema Formula meets SCAA standards by balancing the Magnesium to Calcium ions by a ratio of 3:1. This produces a better aroma and taste. After the Crema Formula in-house validation test, it was found that it can also lower astringency and coffee bitterness.


     We hope you have enjoyed all the information we have shared throughout the various episodes and that you too can experience Caware’s unique Café Purist technologies.


     Caware cares about your coffee needs and quality!

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