Café Purist | Episode 5 - Caware Café Purist Technology : Shots & Crema Formulas
Release Date: 29 Oct 2021

Caware Café Purist Technology :  Shots & Crema Formulas

    In episode 4, we briefly explained how Caware Café Purist technologies can reduce water hardness, which extends the coffee machine's lifespan, releases Magnesium, and creates a more delicious coffee. In this episode, we will introduce two formulas that can improve coffee production and taste!

    Caware Café Purist technology includes Shots Formula and Crema FormulaShots Formula implements multiple filtration processes, which removes sediment, particles, and hazardous chemicals. It also produces better tasting and softened water. This will ultimately reduce hardness and alkalinity (as seen in figure1). By softening the water, it increases the longevity, which is fantastic for companies that brew coffee in large quantities.

    Crema Formula features multiple filtration stages that is similar to the Shots Formula. But Crema Formula focuses more on Magnesium ions, which will produce a better aroma and taste. It also meets SCAE standards and provides a Magnesium and Calcium ratio of 3:1 (as seen in figure2). This ultimately boosts efficiency and reduces particle deposits.

    In the next episode, we will explain how Café Purist technologies are installed and provide some key information about what you need to remember when setting them up.

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