Café Purist | Episode 4 - Caware technology brings you the ultimate recipe for Coffee
Release Date: 30 Sep 2021

Caware technology brings you the ultimate recipe for Coffee

    In episode 3, we introduced how Magnesium ions increased coffee aroma. Today we will reveal how Caware technology controls Magnesium release and filters water that creates the ultimate coffee.

    Figure 1 illustrates the SCAA’s (Specialty Coffee Association of America) recommended optimal water composition from a sensory perspective. Caware unique technology adjusts the water composition to meet SCAA’s standard by increasing Magnesium and reducing Calcium. Caware RecipeHeadTM bypass valve can also be adjusted to control the Magnesium release rate, reduce water hardness and extends the lifespan of coffee machines.

    Caware technology has been scientifically tested and the production of optimal magnesium ions water and coffee aroma have been verified. In-house tests revealed that Caware technology has a Magnesium releasing rate of more than 30%, which is greater than any other technology currently on the market. Caware also invited professional baristas to test their technology and use their water filters to brew the ultimate coffee with the best aroma and taste. Figure 2 illustrates how Caware water filter technology can create the ideal coffee that meets the SCAA's standard for excellency.

    In the next episode, we will introduce the bypass RecipeHead™ that provides flexible and customized filtered water for baristas and other coffee professionals like you!


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