What does Caware do for Covid-19 shelter
Release Date: 01 May 2020


Since the major infectious disease Covid-19, which epidemic from February 2020, most countries have closed their borders and stopped doing business with other countries. As a result, most companies have temporarily closed or adjusted their working hours. The world’s economic activities have shrunk dramatically, affecting people’s lives.

Fortunately, because of the effective Taiwan government policies, Caware has not implemented working hours adjustments. The employees of Caware are still doing their daily work normally.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Taiwan government has announced to the people that it should wear masks, wash hands, and disinfect personal and environmental hygiene. Therefore, Caware employees and visitors must wear masks and perform temperature monitoring before entering Caware area. It has been three months since the implementation of the monitoring, and the employees of Caware are still very healthy and working normally.

Before the Taiwan government announces the cessation of these protection policies regarding COVID-19, Caware will continue to implement these basic health maintenance operations for the safety of employees and customers.

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