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See you at INDO water 2019, Jakarta!

With partners in over 50 countries and a decade of experience in white label and customization projects, Caware is one of the world’s leading producers of water filter technology.

Our comprehensive product range of residential, vending, industrial, home appliance, medical, laboratory, grey water and HVAC applications adhere to NSF protocols in production lines and quality control.

Above all, we believe that access to clean water should not be a pipe dream. For our clients, and for our end users, we aim to make life simple; Refreshingly Simple.

Come and find us at INDO water Expo 2019 Jakarta during 17th-19th,July, and learn how we can partner with you to bring our filter technology to your products, or drop us an email at caware@caware.com.tw to schedule an appointment for a more detailed product demonstration.

Booth No: AC25

to know more about INDO water: https://www.indowater.com/

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