The composition of a cup of café is around 98-99% water.
To customize the ingredient of water by Caware Water Recipe shall help optimize the aroma taste of every cup of café.
The decisive factor affects the taste or aroma of café is reaction of water with 6-7 main acid of café bean during brewing process.

Caware Water Recipe for coffee consists of 2 main advanced technologies - special formulated inner filters and recipe heads.
The instant brewing is a major factor for good taste of café. Caware’s recipe water shall boost café acid reaction in certain instant seconds from prosperous Magnesium ion leaching by one of Caware Recipe water advanced technologies – Specialty Formula. Besides of Mg2+ leaching plus, Caware’s Specialty Formula also affect to remove the ions that destroy the café flavor.
The other Caware Recipe Water advanced technologies – Recipe Head of user friendly design provides hardness control to help optimize a perfect aroma taste of café to fit in fields’ tap water hardness.

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