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Application Product

#WM series

Quick Connect Filter Cartridge

• Quick and easy installation for replacing friendly.
• Compact size with high flow performance, low pressure drop, and long life span to simplify the filtration stages and installation space.
• Wide applications to serve for cold beverages, ice machines, coffee, tea, espresso, or dental…etc.
• Multiple choices of medias for varieties claiming from 0.1uM – 5uM particulate removals or specified chemical reductions.
• All elements, media, and materials complied with NSF cert. or FDA/EC protocols.
• Suggested adaptable to BWT® water and more® *bestxxxseries.
*BWT® water and more® are registered trademark of BWT group.

*Product Data Sheet and Catalogue available upon request. Please feel free to reach caware@caware.com.tw.

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