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A gem among coffee accessories - Café Purist

2019/08/30 18:03 Release The Latest

The world’s 125 million regular coffee drinkers consume 600 billion cups of coffee a year! Ask these people how to make a perfect cup of coffee, however, and we may get 125 million different answers! One of the reasons why coffee is so attractive for coffee lovers is because there are always new methods, knowledge, and new coffee accessories emerging.


There are many different ways to make a cup of coffee, and just as many kinds of coffee accessories. For getting started, it may be Pour-over. Pour-over coffee requires a conical single coffee pot, a swan neck kettle with hot water, a matching thick paper filter, a coffee bean grinder, and a receiving coffee pot or cup; While there are also a group of people who love the French press, some people loves siphon (syphon) which applies high technology as it on using the principle of siphon to extract coffee liquid. On the other hand, people who like rich coffee may like to use a Moka pot which is an appliance that directly puts on a direct fire and uses hot water with high pressure to extract coffee. Second option for rich coffee is choosing a higher-cost espresso machine. Besides, espresso machine has more varieties, such as adding milk or milk foam to make a delicious coffee latte or Cappuccino. To make these coffees through different utensils, coffee beans are indispensable without doubt, and different extraction methods have their own suitable coffee beans for appropriate origin and baking degree. Needless to say, they also need a grinder with the correct level of grinding.


People often pay attention to whether the coffee beans are carefully selected, the grinding level is in the correct position, and the equipment is accurately used etc…Besides choosing the correct equipment and suitable coffee beans, the water quality will affect the taste of a cup of coffee as well. Therefore, we believe that providing the correct water filtration systems and filters cartridges for offering correct recipe water for coffee are very important as well. The wrong water quality may corrode and damage to the coffee machine. Moreover, it will also destroy the flavor that coffee should have had. Clean water can not only protect these expensive machines, but also increase the extraction of coffee and add flavor to the coffee and pursue the Crema of Espresso!


Café Purist is the ultimate coffee accessory for true coffee lovers. Our unique Water Recipe is specifically designed to enhance the flavor of your coffee and not damage and expensive coffee equipment. Café Purist connects every piece of the puzzle to make each single cup of Espresso! 

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