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Application Product

Reliability Quality Insurance

  • Quality policy
  • To hand you our product & service with safety, healthy & comfort life style.

  • Thorough inspection SOP
  • The cautious Incoming, FAS, in-process, out-going & scheduled reliability tests are mandatory for each production batch.

  • 100% on-line inspection control
  • Caware strives for zero defects goal for production quality control.

  • High-end validating devices per NSF protocols
  • Fatigue life test, chemicals/particles reduction tests, as well as structure integrity tests… etc. areconducted thoroughly from development phases prior to mass production.

  • ISO 8 cleaning room
  • On-site CE medical class 2b. certified chamber for medical filter cartridges / devices production.

Innovated Technology

Caware is expert on city water quality in fields, well experienced in customized formulation of variety filter media matrix against regions contaminants challenging.

Product media matrix solutions delivers claiming in complied with regional protocols requirement in material safety, structure integrity, elective performance. e.g. NSF, ACS, Water Mark, WRAS, DVGW…..etc..

Right-For-Need Design Capability

  • Cautious New Product Development Procedures
  • New product development SOP with 4 phases gating principles is strictly implemented for all new products developing.

    Aids of advanced design software for structure integrity, plastic ejection, prototypes validation, DFMEA/PFMEA run... etc., all benefits to raise the yield of Caware new product design.

  • Complete new product verifications cycles prior to mass production
  • Cycles of stringent verifications and field tests are conducted to enhance the success of new product design & production.

  • Pilot Production runs to optimize production yield/capacity
  • Prior to running in mass manufacturing, pilot runs are conducted to optimize the yield rate and production capacity.

Optimized Production Line

Product with Stability & Reliability

Caware equips advanced & specially designed production machines in varieties processing to produce diversities of filter cartridges / devices to fit in wide applications.

Optimized production management methodology is implemented to monitor Constancy Cpk and production KOSU to realize the "Continuous Improvement" PDCA runs to achieve zero defect off Caware facility.

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