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Innovative research and dedication to the reinvention of natural purity.

The pursuit of fine high-quality manufacturing products Become a film cutting industry quality, reputation, and service leader

Sustainable Water Resources.
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Localized specifications for filter cartridges and devices to fit a huge variety of scenarios.
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Constantly developing global patents
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In compliance with global protocols
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Application & Product

Caware's innovation and meticulous research result in outstanding products and applications


Either Point of use or Point of Entry filter for whole house usage is like a shield for home water use, protect us from lead, fluoride or other disinfection agent in city tap water. Whether is gravity flow direct drinking water filter or reverse osmosis filter, Caware is always your most reliable partner as the best water filter manufacturer.

Beverage / Café / Vending

Water is one of life style essentials to make a favorite coffee or beverage, no doubt water quality affects the taste of coffee, tea or other beverages. For that matter of water softener, Mg2+ plus, PH, hardness, clarity.. etc. are all mattered secrets to make a good taste coffee and tea. Further to a good taste of coffee & tea, micro-biology free for commercial usage water is also a key criteria of qualified water for beverage & vending usage. Caware is specialized in filter desination for commercial water applications for coffee filter, hot & cold beverage filter, steamer, oven cooker, espresso maker, coffee brewer, ice machine, post mix, ice tea machine, FCB machine, ice machine and vending machine point of use filter...etc.


Caware is an expert on city water treatment in fields, well experienced in customized functions & designation development against regions contaminants challenging in tap water. Based on Caware's core technology in carbon block, hollow fiber membrane, granular filter media, and reverse osmosis filter ... etc , to apply to gravity flow filtration system or RO system, Caware provides OEM/ODM and private label service. Only best water filter could be found in Caware product range to address your need.

E. Appliance

Nowadays electric appliances are designed in the trend of user friendly that makes our life convenient and in stylish, built-in filter cartridge is a side product of this trend for the modern electric appliance, such as fridge filter, dish washer filter, washing machine laundry filter, coffee machine filter.. etc.. In response to these needs, Caware provide refrigerator filter, coffee filter, scale reduction filter and water softener...etc. for various E.Appliance, to protect our health, to protect e-appliances for longevity, and also to reduce the pollution discharge into drain to keep our earth healthy.

Ice Maker

Whether in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops or other beverage stores, they all need ice maker for cool drink, even in winter time. Caware's carbon filter, beverage filter and bacteria filter are good partner of your ice maker to enable the user enjoy clarity ice, and take the food & drink safely.


The protocol for medical use water is crucial, especially high log bacteria reduction up to log 7 or log 8 is severe to access. Caware's high tech. production control and filtration elements - hollow fiber provides quality medical filters to fit in medical or biochemistry usage water. Caware's medical filter & bacteria filter perform reliable & constancy log 7 or log 8 bacteria reduction to protect the operating people safe against contamination in medical or laboratory environment.


Industry water filters play important role for production yield performance from usage of process water. Carbon block, absolute rating pleated filter, hollow fiber membrane, depth sediment filter.. etc. all play the key roles for this application. Caware providing ranges of filter cartridges for industry use, is your most reliable supplier for industrial water filtration.


Water for laboratory usage has crucial criteria requirements for either Chemical reduction, heavy metal reduction, particulate reductions, water softening or bacteria reductions to protect both safety of operators and costy instruments. Caware high quality carbon block filter cartridge, bacteria filter, lead filter secure the need of satisfy operations in lab. or biochemistry environment. Caware is an trustworthy best water filter factory.


Water is the lifeline of all lives, to treasure water resource is the obligation to everyone. We can start to do it from our home and recycle our household water for car washing, flower watering, lavatory flush…etc. to protect earth certain resource. Caware provide gravity flow point of entry whole house filter for carbon filter, sewage reduction, sediment reduction, bacteria reduction filter... to make your life ecology green, Caware is your most reliable green partner for a green water filtration solution.


Caware's innovation and meticulous research result in outstanding products and applications

Particle Reduction

Disinfectant Reduction(Chlorine/Chloramine/Fluoride)

Bacteria Removal

Water Softening


Heavy Metal Reduction

EDCs contamination removal

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We care for every drop of our filtered water
and have faith in the results of our meticulous product development

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